For the TED Fan

The TED Book is totally and completely unique as it is the first QR Book every published. This book puts every TED Talk in a single, fun to browse, mega volume. The first book to hold over 1,100 online videos, the TED Book embodies the essence of innovation as described by Steve Johnson; you can find it on page 254. Bridging the gap between old media and new, you will love browsing the video descriptions and delving into the deep world of TED Talks with the scan of your tablet or smartphone.

How is it Different then just using the TED Talks app or watching on the videos on YouTube?

Emerson, connectedness, and user experience. It is the same difference in experience as shopping for clothes at a kiosk in the middle of a gas station and going to a designer boutique where they bring you a glass of wine. The TED Book makes the experience tangible. The smell of the paper, the feel of the pages against your fingers, it feels natural as you browse the talks as if from the menu of a fine restaurant. You can write in the margins, scribble notes, underline, circle and dog ear pages to your hearts content. With the world’s best ideas and conversations in between two hardback covers, it becomes personal in a way an app alone can not touch. The mobile device becomes an extension of the book, acting as the media while the book remains the medium. The TED Book truly is a unique work of publishing innovation married to the best content in the world; from riveting to ingenious and beyond.

What makes QR Books unique?

QR Books are the combination of QR Codes, Online Content and Print. QR Books take QR Codes from the side lines to the center stage. For example, the TED Book has 1,100 online videos inside of 322 pages. It flips the model of how QR Codes are currently being used. This design technology brings the web back to print. Many have said that print has been under fire because so much is available online. QR Books bridge that gap and turns the problem into the solution. The print becomes a partner for the web like the TV Guide has been for TV, pulling jewels of content to the surface and out of the chaos of the videosphere.

In the case of the TED Book, the QR Book concept delivers every single TED Talk into one easy-to-browse and fun-to-scan location. Online content made tangible and convenient. No more scrolling through site after site looking for scattered videos on similar topics or thumbing through masses of videos you are not interested in, even when you try to narrow your search. With this new evolution in publishing, the QR Book can offer thousands of hours of perfectly curated online content that you can thumb through naturally; using the smartphone only after you make your selection. The perfect marriage of web and print.

A QR Book is a print book curating online content and connecting readers with that content via QR Codes. Thousands of hours of video can be nearly curated in a single QR Book or thousands of web articles and any mix in between.

Patented by Newspaper Next, LLC., QR Books can be licensed for a small flat fee. Please contact Jody Shackelford at Newspaper Next, LLC at 870-283-9067 or the Spring River Chronicle at 870-856-6397.

Jody Shackelford is the founder of Newspaper Next, LLC, the developer of QR Books and the publisher of the Spring River Chronicle, Spring River Survival Guide Magazine, and the Arkansas Traveller.